Trinity Play Group Family Portaits

At the beginning of November I had the great pleasure of being able to work with Trinity Playgroup in Philadelphia to run a family portrait fundraiser. We ran half hour session and that was perfect for the small attention spans we were working with. Looking for a unique fundraiser idea, don’t be afraid to ask me about options and how we can cater this idea to your group. Please enjoy some of the photos!


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A day in Baltimore

Sometimes you and your friends get together and know that you need a day trip. Our day trip took us to Baltimore! I just adore jellyfish and Octopi. The new jellyfish world was amazing and we even got to pet stingrays and jellyfish!

Then we found out that the Blue Angels were flying!

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RAW Artists Show.

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to be able to show work at Philly RAW Artists: REVEAL with one of my photography friends, Beth Landis.

Emma Austin-RAW-Philadelphia presents REVEAL

It was a lot of fun, I met great people both interested in my art and other artists. Kevin Smith and Radhi Fernandez did a great job of capturing the event. (Click here to see the full album of the event) 

If you made it to the show you know I had some special pricing. If you didn’t get your piece then and would still be interested in getting one let me know and I will match the pricing for you.

Now enjoy some of the pictures and ignore the fact that I can’t take a decent photograph.

Make sure you stay posted I have more shows coming up soon!

5 Generations

In January my Great Grandma turned 90. In April I went home along with the rest of my family to celebrate this lady who has seen so much! Her and Great Grandpa started this in their twenties and now we are 5 generations big!

Elissa and Serena!

These pretty ladies are gearing up for the end of senior year!

While I was home we took some time and did best friend senior pictures! All three of us laughed the entire time!

What best friend shoot is complete without ice cream?

Check out their entire shoot here!


Getting to see all their activities

This weekend I am home visiting family. It just so worked out I got to see Maggi play Softball. Elissa run 300M hurdles and my dad coach track. I have spent multiple hours with munchkin and my mom! Today is my last day and I can’t wait to see what we do!

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Graffiti Pier at Sunset

Today a Today a couple friends and I decided that we needed to head over and check out the Graffiti Pier in Philadelphia while the weather was almost spring like.


The Graffiti Pier is on the Delaware River in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. It is a 500 ft long pier that use to be used to transport coal. Now it is a fun place to hang out and meet people.

Check back for the Analog images I took that must first be developed.

Have you been to the Graffiti Pier? Show me your pictures or leave a link in the comments I want to see your work from this ever evolving place!